A shorter concrete weir peaks out from green and bronze plantings around the bioswale.
Copyright ETM Associates, LLC
Princeton, New Jersey
Client: Princeton University

ETM redesigned a large stormwater bioswale at the Research Collections and Preservation Consortium (ReCAP), a library and archival collection preservation repository at Princeton University. Our role in the project was to fully redesign an existing underperforming stormwater conveyance swale into a high performance bioswale. ETM designed a 500’ long bioswale with a central stone runnel and periodic check dams to direct, slow, and capture stormwater flows from the surrounding watershed. Subtle grading was used to redirect water flows and maximize stormwater collection. A detailed bioswale planting design was also developed that incorporated several thousand plug plantings of rush, sedge, grass, and flowering species.

ETM was fully integrated throughout the design/engineering process, contractor bidding/selection, and construction oversight. Our office also prepared a detailed maintenance manual for the University property managers to effectively manage the performance landscape. The bioswale is now an integral part of a larger stormwater management system within Princeton’s Forrestal Campus that directly feeds a large, constructed wetland.