Dey Mansion, a two story red brick historic building, is slightly off-center. In front of the building is a circular lawn, flanked by gardens on either side.
Copyright Arclight Images, courtesy of Passaic County
Wayne, New Jersey
Client: Passaic County

Dey Mansion is a historic property in Wayne, New Jersey that formerly served as a headquarters for George Washington during the American Revolution. After the Passaic County Park Commission acquired the property and restored the building in the 1930s, the Olmsted Brothers were hired to design gardens on the grounds. Over time, the gardens deteriorated and were in need of restoration. Passaic County hired ETM Associates and our team of sub-consultants to develop a restoration plan for the grounds and garden.

ETM and the team thoroughly researched the original Olmsted Brothers design in order to incorporate as much information as possible into the restoration design. The design was also modernized to support County programmatic needs and contemporary management issues such as deer browsing. ETM oversaw construction and installation of the restoration design, completed in 2019, including plant selection to ensure the proper plants were purchased and installed. ETM also developed a maintenance manual to assist County staff in caring for the hardscape elements and the detailed plantings and furnishings associated with the project.