Roebling, New Jersey




The Roebling Museum Millyard is the former site of the John A. Roebling’s Sons Company Kinkora Works, which is located in the historic village of Roebling, New Jersey.  The museum tells the story of the engineering genius of John A. Roebling, the Roebling family, the company town of Roebling, and the technological innovations and products produced by the company that shaped the industrialized world.  The Roebling Museum commissioned ETM to develop a Master Plan for the 7-acre millyard, which will serve as an outdoor museum tour space that would present the history of the Kinkora Works to visitors, school groups and residents.


ETM worked closely with the Museum staff to develop the concept for the Discovery Pathway as the organizing element in order to promote the site’s “sense of place.”  A plan was developed to support an engaging walking tour that creatively illustrates the process of producing bridge wire from scrap steel.  Existing artifacts, including a massive gantry crane and numerous industrial components once used in the millyard, were incorporated in the interpretive design