As a recognized leader in public space management, ETM Associates, LLC is concerned with all aspects of public space.


The services ETM provides include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Planning, organizing, and directing resources to meet the client's goal for implementing public space projects
  • Reallocation and restructuring of existing sources and management to better meet the public space's needs
  • Gap analysis, in which we articulate what is needed, analyze the differences, and develop creative, yet practical solutions that bridge the “gap” and turn problems into opportunities
  • Strategic planning for staffing operations and maintenance that employs the most ideal management structure
  • Assignment of tasks and responsibilities to either in-house staff or contracted services
  • Estimates of annual O+M budget and revenue projections
  • Calendar development of public programs, inclusive of special event guidelines
  • Security recommendations
  • Park management strategies and organizational chart development
  • Development of job descriptions for internal staff
  • Equipment and facility recommendations for in-house staff


We recognize that while most public spaces share similar issues such as budget cuts and management/leadership tensions, each site has its own unique qualities that require individual attention.  Therefore, ETM works closely with the design team and the clients to target very specific issues that arise.  Examples of these unique problems will be covered in our project pages. Projects that have a major focus on funding strategies are shown in the funding subsection.