ETM Associates, LLC is a recognized leader in the non-profit field for its creation and implementation of innovative project management strategies that ensure complete connectivity between an organization’s vision and the outcomes of their capital investments. We believe good outcomes stem from accountability and we provide a comprehensive offering of consulting and management services to ensure this accountability.


Core Competencies


ETM has developed core capabilities centered on the management components that matter most to the outcome of a project and to non-profit organizations dealing with public space.


Leadership and Communication

ETM leads by example of behavior and attitude. Our client’s objectives remain paramount throughout the entirety of a project, and we foster a project environment based upon respect for all team members.  We work with discerning non-profits and leading professionals and strive to maintain open and viable communications at all times.



ETM takes full responsibility for driving project solutions towards an anticipated cost goal. We embrace ownership of our clients’ budgets and meticulously manage the processes through which we can deliver outcomes that protect the functional, operational and aesthetic integrity of our projects, while ensuring alignment with our clients’ cost objectives.


Time Management

Time is money.  As such, we direct project work flow in the most efficient manner in order to provide a successful outcome.


Sourcing and Procurement

ETM's value-based sourcing and procurement processes maximize our clients’ leverage, while minimizing their risk.  We work to build the best possible teams through diligent review and analysis.  We negotiate fair and balanced contracts, and seek out and secure highest value options for key project elements.


Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

Our clients represent some of the most discerning, reputable organizations in the country.  We fully acknowledge the importance of their community presence, and it is among our foremost responsibilities to uphold their outstanding reputations.  We maintain a diligent watch over our projects, and promptly intervene when concerns arise.


Project Accounting

The timely and appropriate expenditure of money reflects ETM's commitment to integrity and honesty. We measure, verify and ensure that every dollar is a necessary expenditure for a project’s success.