East London, England




The Olympic Games offer a unique opportunity for the host country to redevelop and revitalize its cities.  All too often, however, Olympic venues are left in disrepair due to lack of maintenance and management, and billions of dollars of investment are left to deteriorate with no plan to use a space to its fullest potential following the closing ceremonies.


The governing body of the London Olympic Committee and the City of London wanted to ensure that the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park would remain a legacy for years to come.  Therefore it was essential to have a business plan in place from the outset, and develop a comprehensive management plan prior to the complete construction of the game site.


The intricate and complex system within the park design by LDA Design and Hargreaves Associates blurred the line between human intervention and nature.  The spaces were designed to allow humans to coexist with local flora and fauna.  As a result, high levels of maintenance would be required to protect the long-term capital investment.  Additionally, acquisition of community support and stewardship, as well as seamless integration into the surroundings would be essential to the park’s long-term success.


The maintenance plan developed by ETM established a number of principles and key actions that would be needed in order to ensure that the park would be managed in a way that would optimize its design goals.  This plan covered the following:


• Understanding of the surrounding community and demographics

• Interim usage to ensure the park is active, even during renovation

• Comprehensive landscape maintenance and management

• Park facilities and operational needs

• Management and operating model recommendations

• Operating budget

• Minimally invasive safety and security measures

• Event and activity opportunities and scheduling