Mary Ellen Kramer Park

Paterson, New Jersey




Mary Ellen Kramer Park is located in Paterson, NJ at the historic Great Falls. ETM was responsible for developing a new site design that would maintain the historic character of the park, while improving access and views to the Great Falls. ETM proposed the removal of several site elements that limited access to view the Great Falls, while proposing a new pathway that encourages visitors to experience the power of the Passaic River pouring through the Great Falls.


New pathways, benches and plantings help make the site more attractive and improve the visitor’s experience. Materials are in keeping with the park’s historic character with a focus on easing maintenance. Asphalt paths are designed with an exposed aggregate to evoke the feel of a gravel path, while reducing maintenance and improving drainage.


New design elements, such as the entry gates from Maple Street and wrought iron fencing, relate with the historic industrial character of the site.


The project won an NJASLA Award for Historic Preservation/Restoration in 2017.