Houston, Texas


Houston Botanic Garden (HBG) is a proposed 120-acre botanic garden located in southeast Houston. It is slated for a 2020 soft opening. ETM Associates is working alongside of the project team to develop a variety of recommendations that will inform the details of the design and the future operation of the site.


The first phase of ETM’s research focused on comparable botanic gardens, arboretums and nature centers in Texas and the surrounding area. Detailed case studies were provided for botanic gardens that were in the early stages of development and most similar to HBG. From this research, ETM identified visitation estimates and admission fees that would be suitable for the features provided in each phase of construction of HBG. ETM also provided recommendations for potential programming at HBG, taking into account competition from nearby institutions and the demographics of the surrounding community. ETM reached out to event providers, event venues and similar institutions in the Houston area to determine the most common and most desired sizes of rentable venues in the Houston area. This informed our recommendations for the ideal range of sizes for rentable venues at HBG and allowed ETM to make other recommendations associated with operations. All of our recommendations were folded into preliminary revenue and expense estimates for the first phase of HBG. ETM also provided recommendations for ways to bridge the gap between earned income and anticipated expenses.