Lafayette, Louisianna


The Horse Farm is a 100-acre open space that is undergoing the design process of becoming a world-class public park. The park will not receive any public dollars, with the exception of funding on public infrastructure, and the design will only be funded through privately raised dollars. ETM is currently working closely with the clients, to not only identify the maintenance and operational needs of the park based on the design, but also to identify programs and revenue generating activities and opportunities that will help support the ongoing maintenance and operations of the park. Moreover, the Lafayette Central Park, Inc (LCPI) is a newly developed non-profit organization, ETM with its extensive experience in public/private partnerships, is assisting LCPI to work out any potential organizational issues, identify roles necessary to support the everyday operations of the park.


Park fundraising will be an ongoing process and LCPI will likely not receive a lump sum that will allow the organization to build the full park at once. LCPI is intended to prioritize the project areas with the assistance of ETM, based on the following factors:

  • Cost of maintenance
  • Revenue opportunities and financial sustainability
  • Programming opportunities
  • Staffing needs
  • Local residents’ wish list