Moscow, Russia




The 120 hectare Gorky Park is a culturally and historically significant public park in the heart of Moscow, Russia.  The park consists of two distinctly different landscape design styles.  The northern half reflects influences of 20th century post-Soviet design, and the Neskuchny Gardens located in the southern half of the park are modeled after the historic French and English landscape design styles that date from the 1730s to the 1840s.


The goal of the proposed master plan prepared by LDA Design is to transform Gorky Park into a “World Class Park,” from both a design and an operations and management perspective.


Using Central Park in New York City and Hyde Park in London as benchmarks, ETM reviewed data that included number of staff, staff breakdown, operating budget, and visitation.  Findings demonstrated that Gorky Park employs a greater number of staff and has a significantly larger budget per hectare than the aforementioned case study parks; however, its level of landscape maintenance is lower.  This and other findings were then used to develop a modified organizational scheme for Gorky Park that would be well-fitted to the new park design.


The proposed master plan significantly impacts the existing landscape with an increase in the amount of usable lawn areas, sport pitches and planted areas, and a decrease in infrastructure and hardscape.  This shift in landscape types will have an effect on park usage as well as the level of maintenance required.  As such, ETM has recommended a fundamental shift in the Park’s management structure that will include a skilled horticultural staff well-equipped to provide long-term success of the master plan implementation.  ETM has also recommended the introduction of several new positions that will help strengthen and support the expansion of the park program and its quest to provide activities and events for visitors of all ages.