Houston, Texas



Discovery Green is a first of its kind urban park in Downtown Houston that was originally two large parking lots that shared a small strip of green space.  Because of the City’s car-centric nature, the construction of the park was intended to help Houstonians rethink downtown as a walkable destination for both work and play.


The Discovery Green Conservancy is also a unique concept for the City of Houston, as it was the first and only private organization responsible for the maintenance, management, and operations of a public park in Houston.  ETM assisted the Conservancy by providing technical job descriptions and interviewing a pool of candidates for all key positions that best supported the Conservancy, and worked diligently to ensure the best personnel for the job.


Discovery Green is best known for its robust programming schedule.  Hundreds of small and large programs are offered annually, often times with multiple events running simultaneously.  In order to support this intensive programming, ETM prepared a prototypical agenda and corresponding staffing needs in order to deliver a comprehensive programming document.


As a highly successful public space model for other cities, the initial cost of land acquisition and construction for Discovery Green was estimated at $125 million; however, the creation of the park attracted tremendous development in the downtown area that more than compensated for the cost. This development includes a high-end residential tower, an office development, and a new hotel built to support the influx of convention activity brought in by the park.  Discovery Green has become one of the most popular destinations in downtown Houston, and a highly regarded design for cities in the greater southwest region that are striving for similar downtown revitalization and economic stimulation.