Hampton, Virginia




ETM was hired by the City of Hampton, Virginia to prepare a comprehensive study of the city’s open spaces and associated management practices.  These spaces included all parks, schools, recreational centers, beaches, business improvement districts, and highway medians.


The city is divided into East and West sections both similar in size, but quite different in landscape make-up. ETM developed a rating system that was applied to all sites in order to help understand the existing conditions of each open space.  Management task hours for each were then analyzed in order to understand the distribution of man-power.


Based on ETM Associates' survey and analysis, most Hampton facilities received a rating of fair or poor.  While schools and parks made up the largest portion of open spaces in Hampton, they received a disproportionately small share of resources.  On the other hand, BIDs and medians comprised only a small percentage of areas within both sections, but received the most man hours.  ETM then calculated the annual hours required to meet maintenance needs and found a significant service gap of 93,000 hours.


Short-term and long-term recommendations were made in order to close the gap and improve the quality of existing open spaces.  The recommendations included reallocation of staff between the East and West sections of the city, setting a timeline to fill vacant positions, redistribution of workload and responsibilities between in-house staff and contracted services, adjustment of wage disparity between in order to retain trained staff, and improvement of existing landscapes to reduce maintenance needs.