Chula Vista Bayfront

Chula Vista, California




The Chula Vista Bayfront Project (CVB) is a joint master planning project of the Port of San Diego and the City of Chula Vista.  More than 200 acres of parks, natural areas, and other open space areas are proposed, including a signature public park, walking trails, and shoreline promenade.


ETM was hired by the Port of San Diego to define the potential long-term costs associated with operating and maintaining the Bayfront Project.  Equipped only with a conceptual plan, ETM created a series of 19 separate “landscape types” which were then applied to the numerous “cost sites” within the project.  Annual O+M budgets were then defined for each “cost site”, which enabled the client to strategically phase implementation and manage costs associated with construction, operations, management, and capital repairs.


Detailed annual cost projections were outlined which included maintenance, operating, and annual capital replacement costs over a 30 year period.  These estimates enabled the client to define long-term budgets and secure funding for a sustainably managed network of public spaces.


Maintenance and operations of the Bayfront project will be performed through contracted service providers.  However, ETM advised the clients to include some space for maintenance facilities which could dramatically reduce contractor costs associated with transporting materials and personnel to and from the site.  Additionally, the inclusion of maintenance areas allows for potential in-house staffing in the future.