Washington, D.C.




Completed in 2012, Canal Park was transformed from three existing brownfield lots into a sustainable neighborhood park.  In addition to numerous design awards, the park has achieved LEED Gold certification and has also received a certification level of Three Stars as a Sustainable Site Initiatives (SITES) pilot project.


ETM produced an extensive maintenance plan that fulfilled the Credit 8 Operations and Maintenance category, in addition to several related subsection SITES requirements.  The planting design at Canal Park is complex, and in the long-term is intended to be self-sustaining.  Prior to this plant establishment, however, the maintenance work is crucial.  In response to this, ETM assembled detailed landscape maintenance and management plans for each landscape type in tandem with a comprehensive work plan that serves as a guideline and sets the standards for park maintenance.


The maintenance and operations plan is intended as a living document, and as park needs are regularly reevaluated by the park staff, the plan may be adjusted and revised to reflect these evolving needs.