Houston, Texas




Upon completion of a maintenance analysis for the expansive Bayou Greenways open space project in the City of Houston, ETM was commissioned by the Houston Parks Board to manage the process of defining and implementing a publicly bid maintenance contract for nearly 5,000 acres of public space and 150 miles of stormwater conveyance channels.


ETM worked closely with the Houston Parks Board, Houston Parks and Recreation Department, and The Harris County Flood Control District to create detailed maintenance specifications for the various landscapes defined within the Greenways.  The task of defining which resources are capable of maintaining such a space was also undertaken, and maintenance was ultimately allocated to a combination of public agencies and private contractors.


Interviews were conducted with maintenance contractors to determine if a project of this size could be maintained through private contractors while remaining within the budget limits previously set for the project.  Initial interviews led the team to believe this approach was feasible and a public bidding process was held for a large portion of the project maintenance work.


The project won an ASLA Analysis and Planning Award in 2016.