Woodland Park, New Jersey




Barbours Pond is set within the beautiful 568-acre woodland oasis of the Garret Mountain Reservation in Passaic County, NJ.  The pastoral landscape of Garret Mountain has been a place of refuge from the surrounding urban environment for the communities of Passaic County for well over a century.


ETM worked in tandem with the team leading the architectural restoration of the historic structures overlooking Barbours Pond.  Landscape improvement efforts focused on creating design elements that could foster new program opportunities and support expanded usage, particularly in the arena of programmed events.  The design called for improvement of site drainage and stormwater management in order to prevent pooling on the great lawn following rain events.  In addition, paths were planned to connect the newly restored structures, and to guide visitors around the great lawn.  Historically appropriate design detailing was employed to restore the site to its role as a safe open space for school activities, weddings, passive park use and other outdoor events.